7 Reasons I’m Messing Up in the School Drop Off Line

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Parents of the elementary school drop off line: I’m sorry. I know I’m doing it wrong and it takes me forever and I’m holding you all up. But hear me out, I actually have some pretty good excuses!

1. First of all, I have a whole bunch of kids. I have 4 of my own and sometimes take a neighbor too. That’s 5 kids and honestly, it just takes a little while for all those kids to get out of the car.

2. My automatic door is broken. Sometimes I hit the button by my seat and voila, the magical automatic door opens. Other times, not so much. That means I have to reach back and across all the 4 (or 5) kids to hit their button because for some reason, they can’t seem to find the button and/or push it themselves. Don’t worry, I’m having all their vision checked!

3. My daughter leaves her backpack in the car every d#mn day. Okay, not every day-sometimes she forget a different item: her water bottle, library book, show and tell object etc… If you can name it, she can forget it! Of course this means she has to climb back in the car, grab the forgotten object, and climb out again.

4. My other daughter has to give me a kiss. Honestly, this doesn’t take terribly long, but if she forgets, she’s got to hop back in to give me that kiss! It’s worth it though; she’s a happier girl if she starts her day with a little affection from mom.

5. My third daughter has to get out first. Even if she is in the very last seat in the way way back of the van, she feels compelled to be the first one out. This involves lots of pushing and shoving and crawling over people and hurt feelings and forced apologies-which of course all takes a lot of time to sort out.

6. My automatic door is broken. I know I said this before, but it comes back into play after the kids finally pile out of the van. Once it’s finally open I can usually hit the button by my seat and most times it does shut. However, I cannot start driving my car until the door is completely shut or the door will start to open again as I’m driving so I have to wait until the door is alllllll the way shut before moving along.


school drop off line

Most of these reasons aren’t my fault! I can easily blame them on my children and my crappy car. But, there’s one more reason I’m holding you up in the car line and this one is all me. It’s confession time:

7. I like watching my children walk up the path to school. Now, I don’t do this a lot, cause I know you all are already fuming and checking your watches and cursing me out, but sometimes I linger an extra minute to watch my kiddos walk away. I love watching their little bodies run up the path with their enormous book bags bouncing up and down around them.  I love watching them greeting the teacher on car line duty and saying “Hi” to their friends. It honestly takes my breath away, this simple moment of watching my kids walk away from me. I feel blessed that they are in such a loving school, that they are healthy and happy and that they love learning. So that last extra minute that you have to wait? That one I’m going to keep.



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