The Hell That is Bathing Suit Shopping: A Triplet Mom’s Perspective

The suit, friends, was made by Swim Solutions. Swim Solutions? Seriously? This is where I am in my life right now? I need a “solution” to my swimming “problem?”It’s like my husband is going to holler, “Hey, the kids and I are going swimming; come join us,” and my response will now have to be, “Oh, that sounds terrible. What a predicament. Oh wait, I think I have a solution,” as I pull on my bathing suit.

A Letter of Apology to My Kids’ Teachers this December

  Dear Mr. Soanso and Mrs. Whasername, I’m just going to lay it out bluntly for you. I suck at December. Honestly, I’m barely holding together in general, but when you toss a major holiday and three birthdays in there? I’m barely functional. So teachers, I would like to formally apologize for the following: For…Continue Reading “A Letter of Apology to My Kids’ Teachers this December”