How To Foster A Love of Reading In Children

My kids love reading. I’d love to pat myself on the back about this, but I’m pretty sure I just got lucky with this one! The further along I get into this parenting gig, the more convinced I am that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m honestly kind of just winging it you guys! But because all four of my kids do love reading, I spent some time reflecting on why and I’ve noticed a few things that work in our home that encourage a love of reading in our children.   

I’m Catholic and I’m Angry, But I’m Not Leaving

My church feels like it’s imploding but I’m not leaving. I’m not staying because it’s all I know and it’s comfortable. (Believe me, it does not feel comfortable to be Catholic right now). I’m not staying because my parents are Catholic and I don’t want to disappoint them.  I’m not staying because I think this…Continue Reading “I’m Catholic and I’m Angry, But I’m Not Leaving”