The Triplets are 6!

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first day of schoolToday my triplets are six years old.  

I’m not even sure what I want to write about here.  About how fast time flies? About their birth story? About the super-amazing pinterestastic party I threw them? About their beautiful souls and their unique personalities?

I guess what’s really hitting me today is this:

We were so nervous to tell people that we were having triplets. We hadn’t really digested the idea ourselves. We knew that we would need a lot of help from our families and we were worried about how that would impact their lives. When we told my parents, there was nothing but smiles and joy. My dad said, “Every child is a blessing from God.” (The same thing his mother told him when they sheepishly told her they were expecting their 4th child (me!) that they could ill afford). And while that statement didn’t take away all of our worry about having triplets, it was just so true, it made everything easier.  

When my girls were growing in my belly, I could only think of them as a unit – triplets. And instead of concentrating on how much I was going to love them, I was so worried about how they would impact my family and if I was going to be able to be a good mom to them.  

I am so happy God gave us these girls despite my doubts and selfishness.  

Because each one of them is a tremendous blessing from God. To me, to my family, to my extended family and to their friends. And not because they are triplets, but because they are Eva, Vivian, and Zoe.  

When I was “in the weeds” when the triplets were babies, my sister encouraged me to look to the future. “I can just see them in a few years, laughing and running down the stairs on Christmas morning. A house full of children.” She was absolutely right. And it’s even better, because it’s not just a house full, it’s a house full of these specific children. Each one here for a reason. Each one specifically chosen by God to be on this earth at this time and given to me as a gift.  

So, here I am in the future. The triplets are older and life is easier. But so much better than just easier. Here in the future, I am able to let go of my worry. I can see that their impact in my life, my family’s lives is only positive.  

Every child is a blessing from God. 

So today is a day to thank God for these blessings. A day to celebrate the life of Eva, the life of Vivian, and the life of Zoe.

Eva:     meaning life or living one

Vivian:  meaning alive or lively

Zoe:     meaning life



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