You’re not supposed to have a favorite, but…

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I know you shouldn’t have a favorite when it comes to your kids, but I do. I can’t help it.  

It’s Vivian’s front teeth. They are my favorite.  

She lost one last night. And in true Vivian style it was very dramatic. There was some sock ice skating, a fall, a fat lip, a tooth knocked out, and blood everywhere, especially all over her brand new, sparkling white pillow case.  

There was crying and bleeding and popsicles. It was very exciting. But now, no front tooth.  I’m kind of bummed and I’m not sure why.

It’s not the last front tooth we have to lose here. Eva hasn’t lost any teeth yet, so I still have those adorably tiny chompers to look at.

And I’m not terribly sentimental.  I mean, I didn’t even cry when the girls started kindergarten.   

So I’m wondering why I’m feeling so emotional over this one.

I think maybe because she was the first of the triplets to get a tooth.  The girls were 6 months old and on a semi regular schedule. Things were just starting to get a little easier, a little more manageable, a little more predictable.  We were going to take the family out for the 4th of July, first to a fair in our town complete with Will’s first big wheel race (2nd place winner that year and the 4 years following! Go Will!)  And then we were headed to a friend’s house for a party. The entire day, the girls were fussy. The outing proved to be more difficult than we anticipated. I really had no idea why we even took them out. But how many months can you just sit in your house watching babies grow?

Thankfully my mother in law was at the fair to help and we had friends who helped at the party. When we got home, I saw it. A little white friend poking out of Vivi’s gum. Her first tooth! No wonder she was so grouchy!  Poor baby. Then the next day, Zoe got her first tooth. The very next day!  No wonder SHE was grouchy too! (I don’t know what Eva’s excuse was; it was another few months before her first tooth).

I thought it was funny that Vivian had gotten her tooth first. She had done everything first at that point, the first to have her feeding tube taken out and eat a bottle on her own, the first to come home from the NICU, the first to roll over, the first to sit up. And she did it again. By one day. I always imagined she had a spidey sense that Zoe’s tooth was about to poke through so she willed her tooth out to beat her to it.  

I guess that might be why I’m feeling sentimental and sad.  

Or maybe it was just a really cute tooth.


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